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Pastoral Plan 2007 – 2008

Saint John the Apostle Parish
5457 Trafalgar St.
Vancouver BC, V6N 1C1
Archdiocese of Vancouver


• Responds to Archbishop Raymond Roussin’s directive to design a parish pastoral plan for the purpose of implementing the propositions from the Archdiocesan Synod.

• Provides Pastor, Advisory Committees, Ministry Coordinating Teams, and all parishioners a vehicle wherein goals are articulated, and a basis upon which progress can be monitored and measured

• Provides Pastor, Advisory Committees, Ministry Coordinating Teams, and all parishioners the parish’s consolidated pastoral plan and a basis for budget forecasts for the upcoming budget year.

• Supports clarity and consistency of parish objectives

• Keeps parish focused on the objectives and the plan


St. John the Apostle Parish is a Catholic Christian faith community dedicated to drawing people into a deepening relationship with Jesus Christ, through participation in the life and mission of the people of God. The aim of this deepening relationship is the pursuit of holiness: to become a reflection and image of Jesus Christ in all that the parish is and does.


• Eucharistic Celebration – The Eucharist is “the source and summit of the Christian life” (Lumen Gentium #11). St. John the Apostle Parish is the particular Church where all the faithful may come together to participate in the Sacrifice, to eat the Lord’s Supper, to receive “Christ’s saving doctrine, and to practice the charity of the Lord in good works and brotherly love” (see CCC # 2179).

• Value and Dignity of the Human Person – Each human being is made in the “image and likeness of God,” (Gen. 1:26-27) and is “the temple of the Holy Spirit” (1Cor. 3:17). St. John the Apostle, as a parish of the Archdiocese of Vancouver, will focus “…on its ability to build a work environment where the inclusion of many kinds of people leads to excellence in ministry, service, and organizational climate.” (see Personnel Policy Manual of the Archdiocese of Vancouver, #3.2)

• Living Spirituality in Family, Parish, and Community – The human family remains “the true sanctuary of faith, love, and fidelity to Christ and the Church” (Ad Limina Address, 1992). “It is the center and the heart of the civilization of love,” (JP II Letter to Families, #13) and more particularly in the parish community where human activity and work is lived out as the Lord has commanded: loving God and neighbors. St. John’s Parish will honor all human activity as “…a means of sanctification and a way of animating earthly realities with the Spirit of Christ.” (see CCC #242)

• Living Christian Community – The characteristics of the early Christian community in the Acts of the Apostles, will be a blue-print that outlines and motivates the working and inter-personal relationships among parishioners of St. John’s Parish: to evangelize, to love, to hope, and to accomplish the mission Jesus has passed on to the Apostles and his disciples.

• Mission Driven – The goals and Objectives of St. John’s Parish will be determined and motivated by the mission of Jesus Christ, which is to glorify the Father and to redeem the world. Therefore, St. John’s Parishioners “are called…to be witnesses to Christ in all circumstances and at the very heart of the community of mankind.” (Gaudium et Spes 43.4) And like the Apostles to “go, and make disciples of all nations and be [Christ’s] witnesses to the ends of the earth” (Mt. 23:19).

• Ongoing Conversion of Life and Heart - As a people in need of continual and ongoing contribution and reconciliation, the parishioners of St. John’s will continually seek the healing mercy of Jesus. “This second conversion is an uninterrupted task for the whole Church who, ‘clasping sinners to her bosom, [is] at once holy and always in need of purification, [and] follows constantly the path of penance and renewal.” (CCC #1428 / LG 8.3)



- Implementation of the 2007-08 parish pastoral plan, which aims to address the top 20 synod propositions. Evaluation after the first year.

- St. John the Apostle Parish will continue to examine programs and pastoral services in the upcoming year. Further development will be reflected in the pastoral plan for 2007 - 08.

- Developing parish ministries is a significant priority for the parish. Ministry development will focus on Children’s Faith Formation; Youth & Young Adult Ministry; Adult Faith Formation; Ministry with Seniors. As expressed in the synod, Adult Faith will be a key area of ministry emphasis, as well as Children’s Liturgy and Senior’s Ministry. Renewed emphasis will be on the synod propositions that address development of adult faith formation, including parents, and faith formation for high school aged youth.

- Outreach and Hospitality will need to be a continuing feature of St. John the Apostle Parish. The Parish has been blessed with a vibrant Social Committee. It will be imperative to honour this charism of the parish.

- Continued formation and development of administrative structures that assist the pastor will be a priority. These structures are: the Parish Council, the Finance Council, and the parish Building Committee.


Administrative Structure

• Parish Pastoral Council: Assists the Pastor in discerning the pastoral issues of the parish. “In this council, which is presided over by the parish priest, Christ’s faithful, together with those who by virtue of their office are engaged in pastoral care in the parish, give their help in fostering pastoral action”. (Code of Canon Law, #536)

The parish also has a representative to the St. Patrick’s High School Education Committee. This member periodically reports to the Pastor and parish council.

• Finance Committee: Assists the Pastor in administration of the financial and material goods of the parish. (Code of Canon Law, #537)

• Building Committee: Assists the Pastor in the development and supervision of capital building projects within the Parish.

Parish Ministries:

• Children’s Faith Formation: The support and nurturing of the Catholic community to its children, continuing God’s work of regeneration, renewal, and enlightenment by the Holy Spirit of the whole, newly developing child that was begun at Baptism. (see CC #1215-1216)

• Youth Ministry / Young Adult Ministry: The outreach of the Catholic community to the needs of its young people, fostering their faith in Jesus Christ, in communion with the Blessed Trinity, and drawing them into responsible participation in the life, mission, and ministry of the Church

• Adult Faith Formation: The ongoing support and formation provided by the faith Community, which inspires deepening commitment to living the Good News of Christ, fuller Christian discipleship as lived out in Vocation, and deepening communion with the Body of Christ – the church.

• Ministry with Seniors: The ongoing faith formation, support and fellowship provided within the Catholic faith community to its elders, who enrich the parish with their “witness to the ageless values of patience and wisdom” (from Archdiocesan Prayer for Reverence for Life) at the ‘sunset’ of human life on earth.


1. Celebration of the Eucharist
“St. John the Apostle Parish will be thorough and effective in preparation for and celebration of the Eucharist: the ‘source and summit’ of the life of the parish, and the ‘best thing’ that the parish does.”
1.1 Lectors Lectors Coordinator
1.1.1 Training
1.1.1 Scheduling
1.2 Extra-ordinary Ministers of Communion E.M.C.
1.2.1 Training
1.2.2 Scheduling
1.3 Ushers Ushers Coordinator
1.3.1 Training
1.3.2 Scheduling
1.4 Altar Servers Altar Servers Coordinator
1.4.1 Training
1.4.2 Scheduling
1.5 Music Music Coordinator
1.6 Altar Guild (Sacristans) Altar Guild Coordinator
1.6.1 Training
1.6.2 Scheduling

2. Sacramental Preparation
“St. John the Apostle Parish will provide effective parish-based programs to prepare candidates for reception of all sacraments.”

2.1 Baptismal Preparation Pastor / Associate Pastor
2.1.1 Infants
2.1.2 Children
2.1.3 Teenagers
2.1.4 Adults (see RCIA #5.1)
2.2 Penance & Eucharist Preparation
2.1.1 Children (see PREP #3.1) PREP Coordinator
2.1.2 Teenagers (see Youth Ministry ) Associate Pastor
2.1.3 Adults (see RCIA #5.1) Associate Pastor
2.3 Confirmation Preparation
2.3.1 Children (see PREP #3.1) Pastor
2.3.2 Teenagers (see Youth Ministry) Pastor / Y.M. Coord. Team
2.3.3 Adults (see RCIA #5.1) RCIA Coordinating Team
2.4 Marriage Preparation Pastor / Associate Pastor
2.4.1 Diocesan
2.4.2 Parish


3. Parish Liturgical Events
“St. John the Apostle Parish will plan and celebrate liturgical and Para-liturgical events (in addition to the celebration of the Eucharist), which aim at fostering the spiritual and faith development of parishioners of the parish.”

3.1 Penance Celebrations Pastor
3.1.1 Advent
3.1.2 Lent
3.1.3 Sacramental Preparation
3.2.2 Exposition & Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament Pastor
3.2.1 First Fridays
3.2.2 Special Events
3.3 Recitation of the Rosary Associate Pastor
3.4 Liturgy of the Hours Associate Pastor
3.5 Parish Mission (see 6.3, below)


4. Children’s Faith Formation
“St. John the Apostle Parish will develop and provide support for a variety of children’s faith formation programs and initiatives.”

4.1 Parish Religious Education Program for Children PREP Coordinator(s)
4.2 Children’s Liturgy: Lit. of Word Coordinator 4.2.2 Sunday 11:00 a.m. Mass

5. Youth and Young Adult Ministry
“St. John the Apostle Parish will develop and provide support for a variety of youth and young adult faith formation programs and initiatives.”
5.1 Youth Ministry Youth Ministry Coord. Team
5.2 Youth Faith Formation (Catechesis Strategy) Religious Education Coordin.
5.2.1 Pre-Adolescence: Grade 6 – 7
5.2.3 Junior Adolescence: Grade 8 – 9
5.2.4 Senior Adolescence: [future] Grade 10-12
5.3 Preliminary Plan for Young Adults (?) Pastor

6. Adult Faith Formation
“St. John the Apostle Parish will develop and provide support for a variety of adult faith formation programs and initiatives.”

6. 1 Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (R.C.I.A.) Religious Ed. Coordinator
6.1.1 Pre-Catechuminate
6.1.2 Catechuminate
6.1.3 Mystagogia
6.1.4 Promotion & Publicity
6.2 Basics of Faith Program Religious Ed. Coordinator
6.2.1 Promotion & Publicity
6.2.2 Program Implementation
6.3 Parish Mission Pastor
6.3.1 Scheduling
6.3.2 Promotions & Publicity
6.3.3 Organization
6.4 Adult Evangelization Retreat (proposed) Pastor
6.5 Bible Study Religious Ed. Coordinator
6.5.1 Adults Weds. Morning Coord.
6.5.2 Students & Young Adults (proposed)
6.6 Video Night Program Facilitator
6.7 Special Presenters Pastor
6.7.1 Life-In-The-Spirit Seminars To Be Determined
6.7.2 Parent Seminars “

7. Ministry with Seniors
“St. John the Apostle Parish will develop and provide support for a variety of faith formation programs and initiatives for seniors.”

7.1 Social Activities Seniors Ministry Coord. Team
7.1.1 Promotions & Publicity
7.1.2 Program Organization
7.2 Spiritual Activities
7.2.1 Promotions & Publicity
7.2.2 Program Organization
7.3 Service Events
7.3.1 Promotions & Publicity
7.3.2 Program Organization

8. Hospitality
“St. John the Apostle Parish will foster and promote the Gospel value of ‘Christian Hospitality’ at the celebration of the Eucharist, and throughout the life and activity of the parish.”
8.1 Hospitality Committee Social Committee Chair
8.1.1 Organization & Scheduling
8.1.2 Greeting at Mass

8.2 Pre-Christmas Gifts to Widow/ Widowers; Shut-ins; new parishioners
8.3 Funeral Receptions
8.4 St. John’s Feast day in December
8.5 Summer Parish Picnic

9. Outreach to the Sick and the Shut-in
“St. John the Apostle Parish will establish and develop regular visitation to the sick and shut-ins of the parish, for the purpose of providing for the reception of Holy Communion, and providing pastoral visitation.”

9.1 Scheduling Ministry to Sick Coordinator
9.1.1 Arbutus Care Centre
9.1.2 Arbutus Manor
9.1.3 Crofton Manor
9.1.4 Private Residences
9.1.5 Children’s and Women’s Hospital
9.2 Training & Support

10. Service
“St. John the Apostle Parish will be intentional about what it means to live the Second Commandment in the local parish and community, with the aim of putting Christian charity into action through specific service projects and initiatives.”

10.1 Prayer Chain Prayer Chain Co-coordinators

11. Reverence For Life
“St. John the Apostle Parish will foster and promote the Gospel value of ‘Reverence & Dignity of Human Life’ throughout the life of the parish, and will promote and participate in diocesan and community ‘pro-life’ initiatives”.

11.1 Weekly Bulletin inserts Rev. For Life Coordinator(s)
11.2 Pro-Life Sunday
11.3 Archdiocesan Events

12. Synod
“St. John the Apostle Parish will be actively involved in the Synod of the Archdiocese of Vancouver, and will seek direction from the Synod for ongoing pastoral planning for the parish.”

12.1 Representation of Parish to Synod Committee Parish Synod Coordinator
12.2 Review of Synod promulgation document
12.3 Information & communication to Parish

13. Volunteer Training and Support
“St. John the Apostle Parish will be pro-active & deliberate regarding gathering, training, and supporting all volunteers involved in the various ministries; events, and initiatives of the parish.”

13.1 Training Religious Education Coordinator
13.1.1 Survey & Evaluation
13.1.2 Programs & Schedules
13.1.3 Learning Plans
13.2 Mandating
13.3 Support
13.4 Appreciation

14. Parish Pastoral Council
“Through the leadership of the parish Pastoral Council, St. John the Apostle Parish will be deliberate and proactive in discerning how the Holy Spirit is guiding the overall pastoral life and development of the general parish faith community. The Parish Pastoral Council, guided by the Parish Mission Statement, will oversee all parish pastoral activities, with the aim of ever more deeply directing the parish towards the mission of Jesus Christ and the Church.”

14.1 Meetings Parish Council Chairperson
14.2 Tasks and Research

15. Finance ( Parish Finance Council)
“Through the leadership of the parish Finance Committee, St. John the Apostle Parish will be responsible stewards of all parish financial and material resources, and will plan and oversee the distribution of these resources for all initiatives, projects, and ministries of the parish”

15.1 General Policies & Procedures Chair: Finance Committee
15.2 Accounting “
15.2.1 Sunday Collection Counting (proposed) Counting Teams Coordinator
15.2.2 Policies & Procedures Chair: Finance Committee
15.3 Data-base development and maintenance “
15.4 Reporting “
15.4.1 Parish
15.4.2 Archdiocese
15.4.3 Government
15.5 Debt Repayment

16. Building and Development
“Through the leadership of the parish Building Committee, St. John the Apostle Parish will plan and develop all capital projects related to the overall parish plant”.

16.1 Church (Renovation) Pastor/Building Committee Chair
16.2 Parish Plant Phase I

17. Increase Organization of Office Administration
“St. John the Apostle Parish will organize services and staffing in such a way as to be efficient and cost-effective, while at the same time meeting the needs of the general parish.”

17.1 Reception Parish Secretary
17.2 Record Keeping “
17.3 Mail & Correspondence “
17.4 Promotions & Publicity (?)
17.4.1 Weekly Bulletin Parish Secretary
17.5 Building Maintenance Maintenance Coordinator
17.7.1 Interior
17.7.2 Exterior

18. Catholic Schools
“Through its St. Patrick’s Regional High School representative - who is mandated by the Pastor and who reports to the Parish Pastoral Council - St. John the Apostle Parish will direct and coordinate its participation in the regional Catholic High Schools.”
18.1 Meetings Parish High School Representative

Longer Term TOPICS FOR REVIEW - 2008 to 2010 -


~ Music Ministry development: choirs, liturgical music
~ Coordination of parish ushers
~ Involvement of youth and families in the Mass: lecturing, altar serving, ushering, hospitality.
~ Married couples’ presentations that aim to support other married couples.


~ Develop deanery-based devotions, prayer events and gathers, liturgical celebrations.
~ Build liaison with larger diocesan organizations for prayer events and gathers.


~ Ongoing Development of Children’s Faith Formation
- Visioning; Planning & Scheduling; Volunteers; Resources
~ Development of Parish Resource Library
~ Ongoing Development of Youth Ministry (Grade 10-12)
- Visioning; Planning & Scheduling; Volunteers; Resources
~ Ongoing Development of Young Adult Ministry
- Visioning; Planning & Scheduling; Volunteers; Resources
~ Ongoing Development of Adult Faith Formation
- Visioning; Planning & Scheduling; Volunteers; Resources


~ Ongoing Development of Ministry with Seniors
- Visioning; Planning & Scheduling; Volunteers; Resources
~ Service and Justice development
~ Development of Outreach & Hospitality
~ Designate and/or hire parish community service coordinator
~ Implement parish stewardship strategy: awareness of sharing time, talent, treasure.
~ Outreach to immigrants needing ESL support
~ Scheduling and rotating shared inter-parish activities


~ Ongoing training & support of parish volunteers that orients towards evangelization
~ Training and support for evangelization strategies
~ Training and support for evangelization at health care facilities
~ Outreach to inactive Catholics and Catholic families
~ Family Ministry development
~ Parish Promotions & Publicity Plan
~ Building liaison with area Public Schools
~ Building liaison with area Churches; Community and civic groups and organizations
~ Comprehensive vocational awareness and support for discernment
~ Revamp parish bulletin for evangelization












































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